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At the age of 18, Allan dropped out of law school at London University and began his career in music. He played piano with many British big bands in the ‘50s, including the Ken Mackintosh Orchestra.  During his time spent in the Royal Air Force, he was Entertainments Officer and Music Director of the HQMC Orchestra. He was named the Forces Pianist by the BBC and starred in the famous “Forces Show” which featured many big stars of the day like Bob Hope, Stanley Holloway and Diana Dors. After leaving the RAF, Allan went on to start the first broadcasting big band in Wales, the “BBC Welsh Dance Orchestra”. His first television series, “Swing For Your Supper” was a big success and was followed up by the show “Swing High”.

He played with the Moxey Whitney Orchestra at the Royal York, and when Moxey retired took over as the Music Director at the Royal York, handling all music and entertainment bookings.

In 2004  He formed the “Allan Singleton-Wood Orchestra” and recorded his album “Golden Oldies”.

Allan now resides in Calgary, Alberta and at the age of 88 has just produced this new Album, “Full Circle”, which includes  piano classics, old standards and jazz.


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